Self Intelligence Workshop : The Secret to your Success is in YOU !!!

Understanding your Personal Success DNA to achieve any goal effortlessly!

 Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership! – John C. Maxwell

On October 17th, 2014 (the Friday following Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada) we will be hosting a Rebroadcast event featuring 3 top Speakers in the field of Leadership.

L2: Learn- Lead is an exclusive Event licensed to only 300 sites worldwide.

Oganizations pay top dollar to invite John Maxwell to speak in person at their events worldwide. You are invited to participate in the L2 Event  and learn from his wisdom and grow as a leader no matter where you are on your leadership journey.

As a Founding Partner and Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach on the John Maxwell Team, It is my pleasure to bring these world class speakers to Toronto so we can grow more leaders in our city and Drive Change through our homes, community and Organizations in our Country.

Please click on the image to get details about the Event.

A brief Introduction to Our Speakers

John l2Linda L2Tim l2

Why Attend?
If you are a busy person growing and leading your family, community or organization, you may often find yourself unable to devote much time to your own personal growth as a leader. This is why this event is focused on adding value to you on your own Leadership Journey, in a digestible format, so that you can grow more Leaders around you. Because the Best Leaders don’t create Followers, they develop Leaders!

Our speakers will inspire and equip you to grow Leaders around you!

When you Learn to Lead, You will:

1. Become More Effective in whatever you undertake and lift the lid to your potential
2. Reach your Objectives and Goals  quickly and Efficiently
3. Increase Productivity by increasing Team Participation and Engagement
4. Boost your Business by creating Relationships that Last

Speaker Topics
1. John C. Maxwell will speak on his upcoming Book ” Good Leaders ask Great Questions!”

If there is one thing that can make a difference to your Leadership ability and to your Effectiveness whether, in the workplace, home or community, it is your ability to ask the Questions that cause people to think.  Because the Quality of the Question will always drive the quality of the answer, and that in turn will result in the most effective solution!

2.Learn from the creative marketing genius and AFLAC Duck creator, Linda Kaplan Thaler, as she teaches how to brand and market your business.

3. Learn from Tim Sanders how to develop unbreakable confidence and design a successful leadership culture by moving the conversation forward.
Learn more about the people side of leadership – it’s not just a numbers game; it is a talent game.
Discover modern day secrets to delivering excellent customer experience.


Seats are filling up fast as we have limited capacity for this event. Book your seat and for maximum discount book a table for your organization at the early bird price which is valid until September 15th, 2014 after which it will go up.

Get Your tickets


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Think and Grow SMART!

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We cannot solve our Problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

Thinking for a Change.pptxI once read a book by Brian Klemmer called “If How to-s were enough, we’d all be skinny rich and happy! Obviously its not the knowing “how” we all know that, but the Thinking we do that leads us to believing we are capable of achieving that together with action and persistence in the face of all odds that brings about change.Let’s face it! We live in a  world of people who watch each other and try and emulate the people who we think are successful, by attempting to do what they do. With that, it is possible to get some results, no doubt. Because Taking Action is Key to our Success.

However the quality of the actions we take will always be constrained by the quality of our Thinking. Just like a luxury car built for speed, charged with inferior fuel will not go far! It will move (action) but it will not perform as designed! And we will blame the maker of the car, and not ourselves.It is really time, High time, to upgrade our thinking! Read More→
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Defending Your Limitations?

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Argue for Your Limitations, and they’re Yours! – Richard Bach

limitationsI was 15 years old when I read Richard Bach’s Illusions for the first time and it has played a huge part in shaping my beliefs and as a result, my life. This one is one of my favourite quotes.

I really believe that once we start defending our lack of resources whether spiritual, physical, emotional, mental or financial ….we actually create more of that lack.

For example if we keep saying, I am not smart enough because I did not get an education, we remain stupid. If we say, we cannot afford it, we remain poor.

It is time to stop this Universal Illusion of Self imposed limitation and start reaching out to embrace the concept that we are Abundantly Resourced and Behold! That begins to happen.

It’s like Magic!! But it takes work to shake off the paradigms of the past… Read More→

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The Right To Remain Silent

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I have often regretted my speech; Never my Silence! – Xenocrates


speechIn a noisy world of other people’s opinions, subliminal marketing messages to buy things we do not need and our own busy minds, we forget that Silence is sometimes a luxury we have the right to give ourselves!

Now I am not referring to the Miranda Warning with which we have all become familiar despite not having led a life of undiscovered crime, thanks to all the detective shows on television!

It requires an officer of the law to inform an arrested person of interest they are taking into custody for interrogation that they do not have to answer any questions but that whatever they do say (or do) can be used in court as evidence against them.

The Miranda Warning goes like this: Read More→

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Burn After Reading!

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Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to Genius – Fulton J. Sheen

Achieve any small measure of success and Jealousy or Envy will rear it’s ugly head around you! This is certain. It is an undeniable marker and milestone of Success!

Nisha (not her actual name to protect her identity)  is a client of mine who has achieved phenomenal heights of success once she started getting her head down and going for her dream with every thing she had! This has taken her two years of concerted effort, determination and sheer grit.  For someone who had sold out on her dreams because the world had told her she did not deserve it, it was not worth pursuing and that she was not good enough to compete with other big names out there, she has earned her new found success.

However, she stopped right in her tracks when she began to  face the fire of jealousy and envy that was being hurled at her. She got flak even from her own family members and her children turned on her accusing her of self centred motivation and neglect. Her mother and sister accused her of being too big for her boots and she started crumbling. She came to me in tears for her coaching and mastermind session and it was all we could do to keep her fixed on the goal of her Dream. Read More→

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