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Sunny Side Goes Up!

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Attitudes are a secret Power working 24 hours a day, for good or bad . And it happens by choice, not chance. Why not choose a  Sunny one? It always takes you higher!

Sunny Side Goes up black with host

In this day of personal makeovers, we’ve seen people lose weight, get a nose job, and switch careers. But none of those brings  a happier relationship, a more successful career or business or a happier life.

We have no control over what happens to us, losing a job, a relationship or health, or money. The only thing we have control over is how we choose to respond to it.

And for many, an alteration of attitudes alone can bring transformative life experiences. Here are some tips.  Read More→

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From Charm To Charisma

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Charisma is not just saying Hello. It’s dropping what you are doing to say hello. – Robert Brault

I often wondered what was that certain something people had that made them charismatic, magnetic and unforgettable.

Hot Stuff CharismaEveryone knows charisma when they see it, yet it’s really hard to define. Some might say, being charismatic is similar to being charming, but they’re not quite the same thing, are they?

Regardless, most people would agree that being charismatic is a good thing.

Charismatic people are wonderful to be around and tend to lead successful lives. Who wouldn’t want to be more charismatic?

I reflected on some of the people I know who exude that indefinable something and wrote down some of the things I observed about them that they seemed to have in common.

Here are some of the very emulatable characteristics that can move us from Charm to Charisma in one smooth, but consistent way. Read More→

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The strength of any organization is the direct result of the strength of its leaders. Weak leaders equal weak organizations.Strong leaders equal strong organizations. Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.– John C. Maxwell

The Corporate LAYER CakeHave you ever been part of an organization that has had so many unnecessary hierarchical layers that it was impossible to access the Leader?

Have you ever reported to a Leader that has been weaker than you?

Have you ever been  in a Leadership position where the people reporting to you have resisted your authority or failed to do the work they are responsible for?

Has decision making in your organization been prone to colossal delays because of having to trickle through so many layers that the original intent is lost in translation , much like a game of Chinese Whispers?
Then Read on to find out more about one of the most common maladies ailing large and growing Corporations: The Malady of the Collapsing Corporate Layer Cake. Read More→

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Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

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Focusing is about saying No to Distractions. – Steve Jobs

GINGERISM 101As autumn sets in, the days are beginning to get colder here in Toronto. However the squirrels are still out and about foraging for their daily food and when we go out for walks Ginger is often to be seen chasing after them and then sitting at the foot of a tree looking up with extreme focus on a squirrel that has just scampered up the tree leaving its food behind.

No amount of appeals or blandishments deter her from her Focus as she patiently waits eyes fixed on the prize as it swings from branch to branch looking for any alternate way to descend without raising any alarm in the little dog sitting below with extreme determination, for all the world as though her tiny tail had clamped her body firmly in a sitting position into the ground.

And I realize she has her eyes fixed on the prize even when I see her blondly sitting under the one tree when the squirrel has darted away down the trunk of another tree a few yards away. On one occasion, assuming that Ginger had wandered away, a different squirrel came down the tree under which she was holding vigil. And the delighted puppy gave chase all over again! The implications of lack of focus are many– and it can sabotage your life in ways that you may not suspect.  At best, you may not get the prize you are hoping for…a promotion at work, a client with whom you have been courting business or even just getting a date! Read More→

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Tomorrow Is Another Day

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Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering, ” I will try again tomorrow” –  Mary Anne Radmacher

I first read the book, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, when I was in my teens. But it was when I saw the film in all its splendour and drama and remarkable performances that the characters came alive for me, which is highly unusual for me as I tend to prefer my own imagination to movies.

 "Gone with the wind"
And what struck me the most was the feisty spirit of Scarlett O’Hara, a  southern belle, who refused to give up on her infatuation for Ashley despite his marriage to Melanie. Misguided though she was, and although she resisted failure with all her might, her determination to never say die and to battle on with every scheme under the sun to pursue him, almost costing her marriage to Rhett Butler, impressed me with her passion and tenacity. Read More→

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