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Elvis Presley and Immortality – A Dying Art


Life is the childhood of our Immortality – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

On the spur of the moment and intrigued by the event, we decided to pack our bags and go to Collingwood’s Blue Mountain Village for the  commemoration of Elvis Presleys 75th birthday.  Known as the largest festival celebrating his life, the event is dedicated to honouring his memory through his music in street pageants, worship events, look alike and sound alike  competitions and many other events.

The main street was teeming with candy coloured cadillacs and Elvis clones representing various stages of his life – buck-toothed Elvises jostled with handsome gelled armyman Elvises. Pudgy Elvises waddled through the crowds of people handing out flyers inviting people to pancake breakfasts and collided with tall goodlooking rhinestone studded blue eyed Elvises who goodnaturedly posed for pictures with the visitors who included blond wigged elderly ladies representing the Elvis fans from the sixties.

Seeing the young and old caught up in the fervent hysteria of Elvis Worship made me wonder what was it about him or anyone , that makes them so memorable even years after death,  to generations of people who shared the same generation as him and to the younger kids  who were born years after he died.

The key to Immortality is first living a life worth remembering – Brandon Lee

Born of humble origins, Elvis’ unique sound and style  combined the diverse musical influences of Gospel , Country and the Pop music of his times.  He represented the wholesome squeaky clean “All American” image that made him universally liked by young and old.  Combined  with his sensuality, charisma, good looks and unmistakeable talent –   he was instantly turned into a smoking hot international celebrity.

But what really made him memorable and therefore immortal was his kindness and generosity to various causes, a legacy that is upheld by his fan clubs and the Graceland Foundation. The true breadth of his generosity will never be entirely known as he often did this unobtrusively. Yet the ones impacted by it will always remember and good deeds remembered by many is what guarantees immortality.

Most of us strive to live anonymously and consider ourselves lucky if we are loved by a few and even remembered at all. We die in obscurity , a life bravely lived, embracing our lot with courage and grace.

Yet, there is much to be said about leaving a gentle footprint in the sands of time, that by our actions a life changed will carry on in gratitude to impact other lives. There may be no festivals to commemorate that we once walked here on earth, but our personal message that we share with others could go on.

And that is a different kind of Immortality, without honourable mention, but nonetheless very significant.

How would you wish to be remembered?

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