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Trust : Foundation and Final Frontier


Whether you’re on a sports team, in an office or a member of the family, if you can’t trust one another there’s going to be trouble – Joe Paterno, Head coach Football team

Trust in TeamTeamwork without mutual trust is like trying to grow a tree without soil or water. Simply put, it is quite impossible! The Quality of Trust is what nourishes, nurtures and sustains all team effort towards a common goal.

There are many teams that believe they are working together, but its like trying to race to the goal , shackled with chains and irons.  So this is the very first quality to work towards improving if we are to succeed as a team.

And the odd thing is that the definition of team itself has to step out of the narrow confines of the workplace department or specific project and be approached within  a broader context.  We need to take into account the efforts of every party, internal or external, that will impact the success of the objective. This would therefore of necessity include any external vendors, without whose loyalty and consistent support we cannot move forwards, the people who maintain the tools we use and ultimately the customer who requests the service or product we deliver.

Since every process is managed by people, trust then begins to play a very essential role not only in generating high quality effort, but more importantly when things start to go south, it is determined by how the team bounces based on continued trust in each other to work together trusting in a solution that will benefit all parties.

Consider your relationship with a  person on your internal team, or an external vendor or even a member of your customers team and ask yourself the following questions.

1. What is this relationship like and how does it feel to be in this relationship?
2. How well do you communicate – does it flow quickly and freely or do you feel you are being misunderstood and constantly avoiding landmines?
3. How well do you work together? How quickly can you get things done – do you work together to get things done quickly or does it take inordinate amounts of energy and time to reach agreement and execution of what needs to be done?
4. How much do you enjoy this relationship? Is it tedious, dry, cumbersome and draining- worse, do you tend to avoid it altogether? Or is it a friendly, mutually supportive one, with everyone working together to not let the others down.

Your answers will provide a fairly accurate guage as to whether your team relationships are rooted in trust or crumbling at ground level, so that nothing sustainable can grow from it.

In trusting relationships there is room for error and saying the wrong thing occasionally as people feel safe to be and give of their best and to not be unfairly judged for their errors. As a result, despite a few mistakes, the relationship is elastic and the team can still recover from its mistakes and propel itself forward like a catapult.

In the opposite case, on the other hand, no matter how well orchestrated everyone’s efforts may be, how measured and precise the communication may be – one can still feel stifled and misinterpreted.

When a team analyzes why a project or team effort failed, the root cause is more often than not, simply a lack of trust. This affects not only social relationships, but a company can also experience bottomline consequences of prevalent low trust.

Because ultimately Trust is not only the foundation of every productive relationship, but also the final frontier to be overcome in an effort to improve that relationship.

What have you discovered about the quality of your relationships – at work and in your personal life ? Are they founded on trust or is there room for improvement? What are you doing to increase trust within your relationships?

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