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Know Yourself : The First Step to Your Personal Success


Knowing others is Intelligence, Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true Power! – Lao-Tzu

This is what I truly believe. We all have the ability to be successful. The problem is we waste a lot of time and effort copying others in a vain attempt to emulate their success.

What made them successful is that they focused on ideas that revolved around their own natural skills and talents. In short, knowing yourself is the First Step to your success.

We are born programmed  with our own individual code for success, and then we enter a cookie cut world where we are expected to be like our siblings, our playmates, our peers – striving for uniformity, we lose that glorious individuality that makes us so interesting. Are you a person worth knowing?

Some years ago I met some people who were doing phenomenally well with Real Estate Investments. These days everyone I know seems to have bigger financial goals than their present circumstances allow. So many people look to be inspired by and mentored by models of success and often give up their savings and unflagging efforts to attend seminars and learn from the best , how to be mini clones of their role models.

Some succeed and some don’t. The reason is simple.  Some are naturally endowed with the peculiar mix of talent, skill and natural ability that makes them a perfect fit for that method of acquiring success. Some are clearly not.

An introvert is rarely able to sparkle socially and make sales with the smooth glibness of  the proverbial car salesman. Yet, depending on their own mix of instinctive strength, well honed talent and acquired skills and experience they may win the Nobel Prize for inventing something that can save the world!

The goal is not to be the best at doing something whatever that might be. It is about finding out what you are good at doing naturally, and then doing more of that. Then focus on only doing the things that produces the most positive results, without losing any personal enjoyment in the process of doing it.

If you get this right, you have exponentially increased your chances of succeeding at your own identified path- which may not necessarily be a copycat imitation of someone else’s path.

Give up the things that yield no results

Too many people allow their egos to make them endlessly pursue a goal long after it has become quite clear that despite concerted efforts they are still getting minimal results.

Don’t get me wrong- perseverence is a good thing if the path you are on is the right one for you. A person of no mathematical intelligence whatsoever is sentencing himself to a life of endless labour , no joy and lack of success by pursuing a career that demands that particular skill.

The worse side effects of not knowing yourself well, is that you attempt what is clearly wrong for you, and then self flagellate  for not getting results. Your self esteem dips and along with it there goes every chance of success.

Try your hand at different things

We have often heard people say. ” Do what you love and Success will follow”.

There is some truth to that, but for Heaven’s sake, don’t wear blinkers around that.

A person may have musical talent and may enjoy it but may not be successful in that field. Doing what you love is not confined to one thing and one thing alone. 

We need to spread our wings and discover what other things we can do with our natural Success Code . We need to explore our inclinations and develop our abilities along different paths. Somewhere along the way we will find the path that does engage our natural abilities and also give us the best return for our efforts. Otherwise defined as Success!

Position Yourself to Shine at your Natural Best

A small humble candle will light up a dark room and will make a bigger and more noticeable difference than a large beautiful chandelier in an already bright room.

What I  mean by this is that we often seek to be with people just like us – whether in our social or workplace setting. Seek instead to be with those people who need your natural skills and abilities – by so doing you will have a greater impact just by being who you are and doing what you do naturally so there is no strain for you.

At the same time your actions and results will have a greater impact and you will be noticed and appreciated more for your specific talents.

Being successful in its truest form is about getting many positive results, and less about image and reward. However getting favourable outcomes for your efforts will bring about increased self confidence and this in turn attracts success.

The greater your results, the greater the impact you make, and the more opportunities to showcase your talents will present themselves.

Ask yourself- what is the best use of you, what have you tried so far that have yielded the best results. Identify that, stick with it and develop it. Then, go and be successful at just being You!

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