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Starting a Business : Not for the Faint of Heart


A business has to be involving , it has to be fun and it has to exercise your creative instincts.  – Richard Branson

Getting into Business is like getting onto a never ending Roller coaster ride. There will be highs and lows and your stomach will be tied up in knots most of the time, but there will also be that thrill and freedom of accomplishing something by yourself. But not all people like Roller Coasters, nor are all suited for a Business!

Every economic Recession has spawned a myriad new businesses. Of these only a few survive and even fewer become successful.  People write themselves or their businesses off as a failure when in fact other people are succeeding at the exact same business! What  then, makes some succeed and others fail?

My contention is that not enough time was spent in the Start up phase, in fact in the pre-start up phase of their Business . Most people go into Business for the wrong reasons  – predominantly to make money. However they don’t stay in business because that business was not right for them.

Here are some factors to consider before you venture into Business for yourself and long before you hang that shingle outside your door!

1. What is your Core reason for starting a Business?

You need the proper motivation to start a business. That motivation is what will help you to hold on past all the tough times. If your only reason is to make money, well then, it is a weak one- because there are a hundred different ways one can make money and each new one could distract you away from your core business.

If you simply want to get rich quick, become famous and adored, work only when you want and be your own boss- you may be in for a rude shock.

Most get rich quick schemes are not built to last- you may make some money but will not be able to sustain it without a solid foundation.

Fame and Fortune are ego driven goals, and not in your control to achieve.  Notoriety is.

Once you start your business, you will quickly find that you have replaced your boss with your clients- they dictate your efforts and rate your results. They may choose to pay or withhold payment depending on their satisfaction.

Entrepreneurship is the hardest job there is. You begin as one person wearing many different hats and this can quickly consume every waking hour, until you can afford to hire some help! So it is not for the lazy.

However if you strive for a secure future for your family, creative freedom for yourself,  to provide something of value to the world that leaves it a better place when you are gone, and  that enables you to live your life according to your talents – and you are passionate about these, then those are very sound reasons to be in Business.

2. What is the Mission for Your life – is it worth starting a  business for?

We meander through life letting it lead us  through the circumstances and situations that present themselves. By doing this we don’t live our lives, our life lives us!

Spend some time reflecting on the following:

  • List the things you would like to do before you die – your bucket list
  • Find out what makes you happy and brings you most joy – Careful with this one. Not all activities  will continue to bring joy, once moved into the realm of business. You may like to cook for pleasure or stress relief, but do you want to do it for a living?
  • What interests you most that you would happily spend hours doing it for no money
  • What are you naturally good at doing that you take for granted, but others notice and value
  • Do you and your family members agree on the same things and  its importance to be achieved?  You will need their support – get this wrong and you will be doomed to failure before you start

3.  Will Starting a Business help you achieve your goals?

Winning the Lottery is not a financial strategy. Nor is Business when you are not sure about whether it can help you accomplish your goals. Maybe your personality and talents  are not best suited for the type of business you chose to be in.  Why spend time, resources,  energy and effort chasing a  business idea that will not bring you the results you want.

At best, Entrepreneurship is a journey full of experiments- nothing can be certain until you have tried it and tried it in a million different ways to see what sticks and let go of what does not succeed. A true entrepreneur is always experimenting!

Perhaps your goals are small and can be achieved through another role at work, or another job, or a career shift. Maybe what you need is not a business at all.

Be realistic, getting into Business is not for the Faint of Heart- you need nerves of steel and a ferocious tenacity to survive!

Consider this- what are you willing to give up in order to succeed in your business? Are you willing to give up endless hours of television watching, the weekly shopping trips and boys/girls nights out? Are you willing to give up your comfort, because you will have to step out of your comfort zone.

4. How ready are you for your Business?

Have you been researching the business idea , without quitting your day job?

Do you have the right degree of focus, commitment, skills, time, energy, and resources to launch and sustain your business through the start up phase?

If you don’t then do not start up a business until you are ready!

Launching before you are prepared is the worst mistake you can make. Start preparing now for your start up – and take a long hard look at the above  factors before getting into business.

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    Amazingly I nearly go along with just about all you have said. I suppose it is good to re-look at the way you think simply because you get into numerous habits inside the head. Appreciate the comments.

  3. Ville says:

    Appreciate your inforamtion. It is just too greeeeat!

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