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Romancing the Royals


Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.
Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.   – Shakespearean Sonnet-116

The world watched with tender eyes as Princess Diana’s first born, Prince William, married his college sweetheart, Kate Middleton, in a splendid Royal Wedding which was everything it should be  to qualify as a popular TV event.

the Balcony KissThe Royal coupleThe beautiful brideThe Royal Bridal party

There was glamour and suspense. Speculation about the dress was at an all time high. Famous guests arrived in fashionable wedding attire that is appropriate for such a Royal occasion, a beautiful bride, a handsome bridegroom, carriages, footmen, fireworks, cheering throngs and a kiss on the famous balcony of Buckingham place.

The Real Event however was the marriage of  William and Kate – Britains favourite children. Sweethearts for a long time, they had weathered some pretty intense impediments straddling the great divide between the Royals and the upper middle-class Middletons.

So, in every respect, other than the ultra-chic Royal Wedding which spared no expense in broadcasting what Britain comes to depend on as the biggest Tourism draw, theirs was a regular romance – and no different from millions of people who become college sweethearts and then go on to marry each other.

Here are some observations of their move from courting to weddings- and how we are similar and different from the young royals.

How the Royal Romance Started

No different than millions of couples who happen to meet on campus (at schools or universities) , and unable to get each other out of their systems, end up falling in love and getting married.

The difference was that this was St.Andrews college , also known as Britains most popular match-making University. The Couples who meet here are from the privileged classes who can afford the expensive price of entry. Kate knew that meeting Prince Wiliiam  was a distinct possibility and it is rumoured that she enrolled at this particular University with the clear intention of catching his interest.

Again, no different from young girls and men everywhere, and in every generation, who have been known to set their caps at eligible young men.

But then, she was also a conscientious and hardworking student and not only completed her own education, but purportedly supported Prince William when he seemed un-decided whether to stay or quit the program he was in.

So kudos to her, for showing the world that she was not just a social climbing featherhead. She was smart, pretty and a good strategizer- for she got his attention in daring ways- and eventually got her man.

The Royal Courtship

Like others before them and all over the world- they became friends first.  William and Kate hung out with other friends and did the things normal students do- visit pubs, have fun and laugh together and enjoy themselves in between turning in assignments and cramming for exams.

The media left him alone which allowed him some breathing space to be a normal kid at University which helped.

It wasn’t until William noticed her in a special way that their friendship took a romantic turn . He tried to impress her in very normal ways- cooking a dinner, going shopping for groceries and some princely ways like landing his helicopter on her family’s property.

He spent time, much like millions of courting lads do, in generally trying to please her family, joining the Middletons for frequent family meals,  so that he would be accepted as a suitor for her hand.

The Royal Break-up

Just as things became really heated up, the papparazzi became aware of the royal budding romance and started their  hunt for photographs and news stories. The pressure was relentless.

William decided to break off the whole thing and to give Kate her privacy again.  Like broken hearted young girls everywhere Kate was devastated.

Unlike the rest of us however, who lead pretty anonymous lives and can go away and lick our wounds in private, heal and then start over, Kate became the butt of tabloid magazines that nicknamed her “waity-Katy”.

A strong person, she realized that hiding away would  not  serve her, and she bravely dressed up and went on with her life , drawing further media attention to her again!

Because of her association with a well known person, she , unlike other dumped girls, could not throw herself into a career without comment from the media on her every move. So she immersed herself in her family’s business for privacy, which became further cause for cruelty from the media who judged her as not having a career of substance.

The Royal Engagement

Little wonder then, that when they re-united, they did so very discreetly in order to excite the least possible  comment from the media. Now, where the rest of us are concerned, we shout it from the rooftops, but not them. They had to go into hiding, and William had to plan the proposal in a far off country on a private estate of friends!

The world only got to hear of it when they were good and ready to share the news with the world which was when it was officially announced on November 16th, 2010.

The Royal Wedding

Every bride is a princess on her wedding day.

Kate was no different. However she stepped into Westminister Abbey on April 29th, a middle-class commoner and after the ceremony stepped out , a duchess and future Queen.

All the world loves a lover, and we all cry at weddings – even at weddings of p0eople we don’t know quite so well. We all love happy endings for our friends and family.

This is a young couple in love, close friends who fell in love and battled protocol for their right to live like a normal newly wed couple.

Let’s hope the media does not go on a feeding frenzy and turn their relationship into a circus as they did with Prince Charles and Princess Diana, leading to her untimely death. Prince William and Kate are level headed mature young people and deserve a chance to be happy like married couples everywhere.

Here’s to a long and very happily wedded life to the two of them – Let there be no impediments!

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