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Breaking out of Uniformity


The unity of freedom has never relied on a uniformity of opinion. -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

It is a source of never ending wonder to me that people, and in particular women, each with a uniform arrangement of two eyes above a nose, lips below it, adorned with tresses can each belong to the same species, and yet exhibit so much unique personal beauty.  

And yet, modern women seem to yearn to look like each other instead of themselves! They want lips like Angelina Jolie, a bottom like Jennifer Lopez among countless other attributes; each disregarding the happy arrangement of features that make them inimitably beautiful, just as they are.

I wonder why our society is so obsessed with uniformity, when clearly diversity of appearance, thoughts, opinions and actions is what makes our world a richer place to dwell in.  I mean seriously, could we live with cloned counterparts of each other?

It is time to break out of Uniformity!

We start in our early lives, with exasperated parents berating us for not being like our siblings or our friends. Then our teachers hold up models of excellence in the student world for us to emulate or perish. At school or University we learn to conform to our peers in behaviour and dress, risking exclusion if we are different. And then at work, the larger majority of us commute back and forth to and from our little cubicles like so many worker ants who seem to labour endlessly without tangible rewards.   

It is time to break out of Uniformity!

For a brief while, some people experience acceptance for being just exactly who they are, and having tasted the sweet blood of independence from uniformity, defiantly rebel at society’s pressures to conform.

Then they get caught up again, with the “model formula” for living life on someone else’s terms – go to school, get an education, find a job, get married, raise a family, pay off a mortgage and save for retirement and then die in obscurity having lived a uniform life, just like millions like them.

For me, this is a scary proposition- whose life am I leading? Who designed this “path”as the correct one to follow? Why are we out of favour and with whom, for daring to live our lives on our own terms?

It really is time to break away from the oppression of uniformity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand why children in private schools are required to observe a uniform dress code. This is to encourage them to value and respect each other for who they are, without distinction from rank, race or financial status.

However, I strongly protest the need for them to be pounded into mediocrity by forcing them to relinquish their own original thinking, to abide by a collective thinking imposed upon them by school strictures under the guise of discipline, curriculum and decorum.  Here is where the first lesson in uniformity is hammered into their young minds. This is where they first begin to understand that the world rewards them if they are just like everyone else, instead of being themselves.

Out into the world as young adults, they are puzzled by a diversity of opinions, religions, thoughts and tastes. They form cliques of like minded people, go to churches and mosques to practice a faith in a uniform way, are slaves to the fashion dictates of the mavens who do not understand personal taste, and speak alarmingly in a jargon that is indecipherable to anyone outside their narrow spheres.

The language of communication has been massacred- being gay no longer means being happy, something “wicked” this way comes now means something exciting to look forward to, Liking someone has been relegated to social approval of a comment or a page in Facebook. And if you don’t know what that is, you will be ostracised with knowing looks, nudges and winks and will wonder if someone beamed you onto a planet not of your choice,among strange aliens where the natives are definitely not friendly !

While I agree there should be uniformity of law to help people know what is right and wrong in a community, the instrument of justice has often been misused to defend the wrong doers and punish the righteous.

I think it is time we did something about this. It is time to stand up for who we are, what we stand for and to break the mould that would have us be clones of each other.

Lets unite, and raise our voices in uniform chorus to break the chains that would have us not be our unique individual selves!

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