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The Second Step


The first step towards change is awareness.  The second step is acceptance. – Nathaniel Branden

Everyone has heard it said that a journey of a 1000 steps commences with the first step. It is important and takes courage to take that first step and books have been written about the subject and motivational speakers galore have been inspiring people for generations to take that first step towards their own dreams and success.

We gird our loins, take a deep breath , hold our noses and sometimes fearfully, sometimes boldly, sometimes rashly and often with enormous trepidation and anxiety- we take the plunge and take that first step.

Yes, the first step is undoubtedly important. But what about the second step?

You will either step forward into growth or you will step backward into safety.- Abraham Maslow

You took the first step in the direction of your dream. And then what?

Many are often paralyzed with fear, plagued with doubts and fears, trembling on the edge, fearful to make the leap. What is worse is that after we exhibit enormous courage and take that  first bold step, we then falter; hesitant to proceed forward afraid of what lies ahead and step hastily back into the apparent safety of the known stagnant world we know.

Why is the second step just as important as the first?

In the movie, My Big Fat Greek wedding, there is a scene showing an established greek couple where the man is portrayed as the chauvinistic traditional patriarch of the family.  And his wife gently tells the guests that he is indeed the head of the household, but that she is the neck. The head can only turn in the direction that the neck allows!

While hilarious in its simplicity, it contained a deeper truth for me. We take first steps in a rush of enthusiasm, only to abandon the project if it does not go our way. We halt our progress when we encounter obstacles, and give up on our own dreams in deference to what other people say.

But it is in the taking of the second step that we forge our destiny. 

The first step moves us into action, but the second step establishes the direction in which we need to go .

The first step makes us aware of our destination, the second step is what determines the path we need to take.

The first step takes courage but the second step needs not only greater courage, but a greater discipline, and a strength of resilience and perseverance to sustain all the steps that follow.

So in planning your journey, pay attention to the second step, once you have taken your first. For Leaders are defined by where the second step takes them!

Have you planned your next steps?

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