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Interdependence Day


Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self sufficiency. Man is a social being. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

The weekend of July 1st -4th has been a weekend of shared celebration  by people in  Canada and the U.S. on the occasion of Canada Day on July 1st and Independence day in the U.S. on July 4th.

While people on both sides of the border proudly stand up and salute what each country stands for, it is to be noted that the founding principles of both the countries are essentially the same. In fact it is true of every country that fought for independence – the right to be free from oppression of any kind. The right to grow freely and to one’s maximum potential regardless of race, colour, creed or any other distinguishing attributes. The right of an individual and therefore his country, to flourish, unfettered by any limitations or statutory bonds of allegiance.

But having achieved independence from all that binds us, what next?  Can we truly stand up and succeed by ourselves? Or is there a more powerful dynamic at play that multiplies our efforts and exponentially explodes our success into a myriad directions?

Is Interdependence the answer?

In the progress of Personality, first comes a declaration of Independence, then a recognition of Interdependence. – Henry Van Dyke

While the pursuit of maximizing our individual potential is an inward journey and for the most part a solitary reflective one,  no man is an island.  And while great things can be achieved by one person alone, phenomenal achievements are possible when we learn to collaborate effectively with each other.

For one thing, we cannot be all things to all people.  Nor can we be at different places at the same time.  And most importantly we cannot possibly know all there is to know or do all that remains to be done at the same time by   ourselves. For this we need the strengths and abilities of each other and of other groups of people.

Interdependence is therefore a critical factor to our success.

It is important that we choose those with whom we are to collaborate carefully to ensure successful interdependence.

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Choose people of integrity and character lest you/your initiative be judged by the company you keep
2. Choose people of complementary skills to yours- so they may bolster your weaknesses with their strengths and vice versa
3. Choose people you get along with  – it is going to be a long , rough haul if you don’t! You must have fun!
4. Finally choose people who share your values but who think differently than you- to get a healthy cross fertilization of ideas.

So here’s to our Independence- and here’s to our mutual Interdependence! How are you seeking to implement this in your life?

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