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Coming Home to West Palm Beach!


There is nothing half so pleasant as Coming home again!  Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

Of all the decisions I have taken since I started my business, joining the John Maxwell Team has been undoubtedly the best one!

To be taught and mentored by John C.Maxwell himself and by a team of Mentors who give Excellence and Heart a new Meaning is a great honour and privilege.

These are people of Integrity and Passion, people whose values resonate with my own.

John often reminds us that we bear his name and that he is our friend. We affectionately joke about it, but make no mistake he is our friend. He is a man who walks his talk, a leader who humbly shares his heart and stories with unsurpassed humour and love.

 I am proud to belong to this team and to call them family! Feels just like coming home!

There is no greater joy than meeting up with people you love who love and support you right back! Home and family seem to go together, long fireside chats to catch up on each others lives, leisurely lunches or casual coffees to reconnect with close friends.

But the definition of coming home alters subtly when you are with people you have only met in person for a few days, but connect with the heart, bound by a common mission and united perspective on life. Where you are surrounded by encouragement at a level that was previously unheard of.

Where people from all over the world meet to genuinely want to get to know each other and not to “network”  just for business. There is none of that usual frantic frenzy of exchanging business cards for personal gain. Instead each wants only to know how they may serve!

Where you are not judged for your silly behaviour, but laughed with and cherished for it!  Where people rally around you during difficult times and loudly cheer you when you succeed! It feels just like coming home!

This is one amazing team and I am so happy I joined it .

Going back to West Palm Beach to attend the Think Tank with my excellent mentors, diving deep with them to consider some changes we need to make to our own thinking at a deeper level.

 To meet old friends and make new ones and just generally chill out, have fun, grow and be taken care of.

It feels just like coming home!

Of course there are new things to learn, things that not only help you grow yourself, but also your business and enrich the community you live in.

But we are called to stretch beyond our comfort zones, to step into significance and make a difference to a larger world than the one we live in. To impact generations of lives beyond our own.

And to have fun doing it. Oh yeah, without a doubt, we had fun and continue to share laughter and tears, warmth and fears, prayers and promises, things we believe in, our deepest secrets. I call it being at home with each other!

These are exciting times! These are growing times and what matters most is who you learn it from and who you learn it with!

There  is nothing like being on a team that is driven not just by the success of each individual, each one for himself, but by supporting each other to make a bigger difference.

If you have never experienced this magical feeling of being on a superlative team, contact me and I will be happy to share my experience and what a blessing it has been to me and to connect you with this fantastic family!

Come home with us! There is no place like home!


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    There’s no place like it! 🙂

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