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Thinking Beyond the Box


A box without hinges, key, or lid
Yet Golden Treasure inside is hid
— J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien really had something when he said that! All my life I have been hearing this phrase : “Start Thinking outside the box”.

Admittedly it had me puzzled. what box are they all speaking about? Is it that all of us are living in a narrow rut, like Pavlovian rats racing along a pre-determined track?

Be born, get an education, do homework, toe the line, find a job, please the bosses, do as you are told, get married, have kids, provide for them, put up with a boring job and irritating colleagues in order to earn a living so that we can provide for our families?

Buy a home in a nice subabrban neighbourhood because everyone else is doing it?  Get a mortgage, pay it off, downsize to a smaller home as we get older, get away to a warmer climate during the winter and then finally, catch up with our well deserved  final rest. In a  box?

It just did not make any sense to me!

I attended Creativity Workshops where they taught us creative ways to “Think outside the box” : to  leverage that part of the creative brain that was lying dormant under the conditioned brain. They taught us non linear ways to come up with ideas, and sometimes stimulated and sometimes stunned us with a  variety of techniques so that we might be inspired with original ideas.

The suggested a variety of ways to  get out of the box. Some of the methods they suggested were to:
1.  Learn something new
Something that you have not tried before; like learning a new skill or language. This is less about acquiring a new ability or speaking like a native ina  language you did not grow up speaking, but more about flexing the mental muscle of your brain. If it can stretch in one direction, it can stretch in another.

2. Study a new spiritual belief or religion
eek to understand a different philosophy and set of beliefs that are different from what you were raised up believing. Exposing ourselves to other faiths expands our understanding of what common truths bind us together and what the limits are of the dogmas of our own blindly followed religions and this in turn flexes our spirituality to embrace that we are indeed all One.

3. Change your Reading habits
Not just the actual genre of the type of books you prefer to read, but something different. If you usually read fiction, try reading a biography. If you like to read whodunnit mystery novels,  try a romance  or science fiction instead. Figure out how different authors and storytellers draw you into their stories and then use that to draw in your potential audience or market into your services or products. Learn how to connect their painful problems to the solution your service or product provides.

4. Do More Right brained activity! 
We are trained to use the logical side of our minds since birth, which is one of the failings of a regimented education system which emphasisizes skill sets like memorizing lists, doing math etc. When we engage the other side (I know it sounds spooky, doesn’t it) , the creative side, to write a solution in rhyme for example, or to draw a pictorial representation of the problem and a solution, it seems to unblock our minds to find some unique solutions.

5. Change the Juxtaposition
For example turn a problem on its head, flip the paper around, re-imagine the solution in a different context. The brain is prone to finding patterns on its own, and this creative chaos it is thrown into by the disorientation of patternless thoughts, will automatically  cause it to find some off the wall creative solutions. Pretend that the least important outcome were the most important and so on. Imagine that the problem is occuring in outer space, a technique I have tried that works.

6. Begin with the end in mind
Set an end goal and then work backwards to identify the baby steps that need to be done that lead you to the present day. I often use this tactic in my goal setting habits and to find a solution that may seem daunting and impossible at first.

7. Consult the children around you
Children tell it like it is and they are all connected so powerfully to Source and their own unbridled imagination, they do not see the self made obstacles we impose on ourselves. So they cut right through the clutter to the solution. Out of the mouths of babes is a very wise path to follow!

8. Mix it up with some random thoughts
Throw in an unrelated idea or two , create an out of context character trying to solve the problem…for example how would a gardener solve this engineering problem.

All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly,till they take root in our personal experience. ~Johann von Goethe

And know that there is nothing that is really original that has not been thought before…how we express an idea may be unique to us, because we are unique.
Now, consider this: If the box we have placed ourselves in is one of our childhood and experiential conditioning, and we became aware of it, does the box exist any longer? We can not only step out of any box that society, our own experiences and what we were told to believe, we can do this any time we want. I call it Living Beyond the box, ina  future that is not bound by walls of any kind, where infinite possibility exists.

And when we set ourselves and our thoughts free instead of forever conforming, we begin to live the Powerful Lives that we were intended for! Step Beyond the box and Discover your Freedom and Power!

What self imposed boxes are you going to throw away today?


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