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The Fine Art of Showing up!


Eighty percent of Success is showing up.  – Woody Allen

Some think that Showing up is showing off. It is NOT. There is a BIG difference. I am giving you fair warning. This might be a slightly deeper topic than you may expect to read. I have been giving it a lot of thought and reflection.

A friend of mine, (let’s call her Moira) who is brilliant at what she does and could inspire many just by her example, hesitates to do so. She says she is afraid of sharing her success with others for fear that she may be viewed as a Show off.  Some people may very well come to that conclusion but that might be because of a lack of discernment.

There is however a big difference between showing off and Showing up.

On the one hand lets consider the Show Off. He never engages the community at large in a  helpful way and only shows up to show off.

He declares his wins  not in order to inspire, but for self aggrandizement…to get the applause of the public, to make himself known as an authority and expert. Oftentimes he declares how much money he has made, the size of the audience he may have spoken to, tthe number of clients he has in his portfolio, the number of testimonials he has received. The result is usually that some generous people will applaud, but the larger majority will be turned off and will consider him a self centred pompous person who is full of himself.

Now, don’t get me wrong….there is nothing intrisically wrong in any of those accomplishments and more power to the person who does achieve all those things. It is the manner in which these are conveyed , that makes the distinction.

There is a process called Edification: When someone else  touts your achievements, and attests to your accomplishments and impact…these are very good things. It is called social proof.

When you do it yourself for yourself, there is a very fine line between showing off and showing up.

To stay on the map, you have got to keep showing up. – Peter Gallagher

Showing up is a refined skill, and one that it behoves us well to understand and emulate.

1. When you show up with your full attention and your best attitude, you learn and win because its like you have all your mental, emotional and spiritual gears engaged full throttle. Just showing up is more than half the game already won!

2. When you show up with all your God given talents and gifts and strengths and use them to assist other people who may have a need for those gifts, you are showing up as someone who inspires others to succeed.

3. When you show up to give someone a pat on the back if they need encouragement, a kind word if they need some cheering up and just a spirit to help others succeed, you are showing up big time as a member of a community who loves to see others flourish and succeed.

4. And when you show up in response to a commitment you have made to yourself or to some one else who is depending on you, You are showing up to make a difference.

How you share your accomplishments can be a reflection of all of the above. it is the intention behind it that will guide your words. When you share an accomplishment and explain to your listeners what specific challenge you had to overcome in order to achieve that, it now becomes something everyone wants to hear and learn from. It is like holding out the possibility of the same thing that can happen for them. This is not showing off…this is something to celebrate, because we all like to see someone triumph over all odds to succeed.

When you show up with the intention of letting your life and efforts and results hold up a torch for others to see the light, You are showing up BIG time!

Then, when someday you fail to show up with your presence, your absence will be sorely missed.

How are you showing up today?!!


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