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We cannot solve our Problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

Thinking for a Change.pptxI once read a book by Brian Klemmer called “If How to-s were enough, we’d all be skinny rich and happy! Obviously its not the knowing “how” we all know that, but the Thinking we do that leads us to believing we are capable of achieving that together with action and persistence in the face of all odds that brings about change.Let’s face it! We live in a  world of people who watch each other and try and emulate the people who we think are successful, by attempting to do what they do. With that, it is possible to get some results, no doubt. Because Taking Action is Key to our Success.
However the quality of the actions we take will always be constrained by the quality of our Thinking. Just like a luxury car built for speed, charged with inferior fuel will not go far! It will move (action) but it will not perform as designed! And we will blame the maker of the car, and not ourselves.It is really time, High time, to upgrade our thinking!
For Years  I was stuck in a pattern of performing at what I though was my best, in that, I am prone to throwing myself with everything I have got into a project,a  a job  and whatever I engage to do and have been guilty of giving a 100 percent of my energy to it…with successful results for “others” who employed or engaged me to do something for them. And the effort sometimes left me all charged up and sometimes drained.However I had no clue why! I was “too busy” to stop and reflect where I was sepnding my life’s precious hours. was it making a difference to me, my family, the world I live in? Will I have lived my entire life as a cog in someone else’s machine, without ever having found out what I was designed and meant to do?The thinking that brought you here, won’t get you there!We did what we did at that time, because that was the best thinking we were capable of at that time…and what we thought until then brought us to the place we found ourselves at that time. Make no mistake, it was our thoughts alone that brought us those results…whether in our work, career, relationships , finances and whatever result we had achieved upto that moment.To get different results would require a serious change in thinking! And I realized I could not do that on my own! I knew there was a better way of thinking, and also knew I would need help from someone who was outside my own head! I seemed absolutely “stuck”.A happy change in circumstances changed all that for me…I stumbled by Design into a group of extraordinary mentors on the John Maxwell team and in particular my mentor Paul Martinelli has had the single most influence on my thinking, after my Father!And my thinking began to shift in small , indecipherable ways. Possibilities began to explode all around me as my thinking expanded at warp speed. Sharing Growth and discoveries with fellow voyagers encouraged my thinking in ways I had never considered before, and the support of my peers and mentors as I toddled out of being where I was to where I am today has been Priceless!I am now in a Think and Grow Rich program with my mentors  and some of the smartest fellow thinkers to grow with, So am feeling smarter already! It is not just about reading the book…it is a deep dive into absorbing the lessons at a cellular level and acting upon it in ways that my mind has not been used to in a long, long while!Rich? Here I come…I am on my way to becoming richer than I presently am!

Smart? Now there’s a radical concept! I already feel SMARTER! Yay me! So glad I joined this program…smartest thinking I have done since a long time!

We have all done what we could, with small results, Let’s Try Thinking for a Change!

If you want different results from everyone around us, we all have to upgrade our current Thinking!Get Smart! And Come join us in a mission to change the world, because all change begins with us! And the Root of all Personal Change begins with our thinking!How Smart have you been thinking today?
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