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Coming Soon to Toronto! L2: Learn-Lead


 Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership! – John C. Maxwell

On October 17th, 2014 (the Friday following Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada) we will be hosting a Rebroadcast event featuring 3 top Speakers in the field of Leadership.

L2: Learn- Lead is an exclusive Event licensed to only 300 sites worldwide.

Oganizations pay top dollar to invite John Maxwell to speak in person at their events worldwide. You are invited to participate in the L2 Event  and learn from his wisdom and grow as a leader no matter where you are on your leadership journey.

As a Founding Partner and Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach on the John Maxwell Team, It is my pleasure to bring these world class speakers to Toronto so we can grow more leaders in our city and Drive Change through our homes, community and Organizations in our Country.

Please click on the image to get details about the Event.

A brief Introduction to Our Speakers

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Why Attend?
If you are a busy person growing and leading your family, community or organization, you may often find yourself unable to devote much time to your own personal growth as a leader. This is why this event is focused on adding value to you on your own Leadership Journey, in a digestible format, so that you can grow more Leaders around you. Because the Best Leaders don’t create Followers, they develop Leaders!

Our speakers will inspire and equip you to grow Leaders around you!

When you Learn to Lead, You will:

1. Become More Effective in whatever you undertake and lift the lid to your potential
2. Reach your Objectives and Goals  quickly and Efficiently
3. Increase Productivity by increasing Team Participation and Engagement
4. Boost your Business by creating Relationships that Last

Speaker Topics
1. John C. Maxwell will speak on his upcoming Book ” Good Leaders ask Great Questions!”

If there is one thing that can make a difference to your Leadership ability and to your Effectiveness whether, in the workplace, home or community, it is your ability to ask the Questions that cause people to think.  Because the Quality of the Question will always drive the quality of the answer, and that in turn will result in the most effective solution!

2.Learn from the creative marketing genius and AFLAC Duck creator, Linda Kaplan Thaler, as she teaches how to brand and market your business.

3. Learn from Tim Sanders how to develop unbreakable confidence and design a successful leadership culture by moving the conversation forward.
Learn more about the people side of leadership – it’s not just a numbers game; it is a talent game.
Discover modern day secrets to delivering excellent customer experience.


Seats are filling up fast as we have limited capacity for this event. Book your seat and for maximum discount book a table for your organization at the early bird price which is valid until September 15th, 2014 after which it will go up.

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