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Tomorrow Is Another Day


Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering, ” I will try again tomorrow” –  Mary Anne Radmacher

I first read the book, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, when I was in my teens. But it was when I saw the film in all its splendour and drama and remarkable performances that the characters came alive for me, which is highly unusual for me as I tend to prefer my own imagination to movies.

 "Gone with the wind"
And what struck me the most was the feisty spirit of Scarlett O’Hara, a  southern belle, who refused to give up on her infatuation for Ashley despite his marriage to Melanie. Misguided though she was, and although she resisted failure with all her might, her determination to never say die and to battle on with every scheme under the sun to pursue him, almost costing her marriage to Rhett Butler, impressed me with her passion and tenacity.

Many people and many of our famous leaders have experienced failures in their pasts, but have never quit trying and have never given up. They reached the pinnacles of success in their lives and in their careers by stoically refusing to accept failure as an option and as a result have gone on to achieve great things and even carved a place for themselves in history as a result.

Sometimes though, no matter how hard we try, our efforts seem not to generate any results and we feel close to failure. The majority of the time we tell  ourselves self-defeating lies and at other times we just need to pick ourselves up and start all over again.

When we leave ‘failure’ in the dust and dare to begin again, we are deliberately undermining its importance and know that those efforts didn’t work– so now, it’s time to move on to something that does work. No matter where we find ourselves in life, failure doesn’t have to be an option you give too much importance to and we don’t have to resign ourselves to never succeed.

Indulging ourselves with self-pitying stories of “what might have been” only keeps us from accomplishing what we’re capable of. Consider the following truths before you accept failure as an option in your life:

We learn from our mistakes– After Scarlett O’Hara watched Rhett Butler walk away at the end of the classic movie “Gone With the Wind,” she immediately started planning the best way to get him back. Her mantra, “Tomorrow is another day,” has been quoted throughout the years as a symbolic moving forward from a perceived failure toward anticipated success. Never stop going after that second or third chance.

Know that life is a balance of happy and sad times– Everyone experiences times in their lives when they are crushed by failure and when they are triumphantly successful. Life seems sometimes to be like an opera that fills your spirit with happiness and elation and after that– before Act III ends– brings it down to horrifying depths of despair. The challenge of life is to know that we are simply a part of the larger play, and that only WE can decide what role we will accept.

We are in control, even though it might not always seem to be so — No matter how difficult it is to accept the failure of something– a relationship, a job or a career path, I  know that I and you have absolute control and that only you can choose the path you take. How you react to adversity will determine whether or not you will continue on to success or whether you are doomed to fail yet again.

Failure isn’t the end– At least it’s not the end until the fat lady sings (at the end of a classic opera) or unless you quit. You can elect to pick yourself up and begin again and summon the courage you have left to get you through the bad times. Failure only means you tried and the way you tried didn’t work. So Now, we just have to try something different.

Enjoy life– Although life may have dealt you a bad hand, you’re way ahead if your basic needs are being met and you still have hope. Enjoy what you have and proceed to life’s next battlefield. It takes courage and it takes grit and Tenacity.

In life, sometimes change is necessary to get rid of the old and make way for the new. A perceived failure is only an opportunity for you to head to something better.

Because of the learning experience, you’ll find that you’re stronger than you thought you were and that you can accomplish greater than you thought you could. After all Tomorrow is another day!

What failure have you overcome simply by trying again?

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