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From Charm To Charisma


Charisma is not just saying Hello. It’s dropping what you are doing to say hello. – Robert Brault

I often wondered what was that certain something people had that made them charismatic, magnetic and unforgettable.

Hot Stuff CharismaEveryone knows charisma when they see it, yet it’s really hard to define. Some might say, being charismatic is similar to being charming, but they’re not quite the same thing, are they?

Regardless, most people would agree that being charismatic is a good thing.

Charismatic people are wonderful to be around and tend to lead successful lives. Who wouldn’t want to be more charismatic?

I reflected on some of the people I know who exude that indefinable something and wrote down some of the things I observed about them that they seemed to have in common.

Here are some of the very emulatable characteristics that can move us from Charm to Charisma in one smooth, but consistent way.

I think the whole world would agree that Mother Teresa was eminently charming and charismatic. Yet, She had a down to earth, hands on approach to helping people in need, and a downright sassiness and disregard for people attempting to put her on a pedestal for doing something, that simply put was only common sense and that everyone ought to have been doing.

There are few characteristics that will do more to enhance the quality of your life than a possessing a high level of charisma. This isn’t something you are born with as most people seem to think,  instead, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a learnable skill and one that can be acquired and developed with consistency by paying attention to  the following  suggestions and tips :

Be fully present in all your interactions.

Think about the charismatic people you know. Aren’t they fully engaged with you when you’re speaking? They make you feel like a million bucks and that  you’re the most fascinating person in the room.

Maintaining your focus on the person you are interacting with and listening intently are fabulous ways to accomplish this. Act like you’re in the midst of the most important and interesting conversation you’ve ever had. Listening and interacting makes the other person feel interesting and important.

Practice warmth and genuine kindness.

Have you ever had a charismatic person treat you coldly, be snobbish or say something to put you down or that insulted you? Of course not!
Interacting with charismatic people is always a pleasant experience because they are always so genuine.

A huge part of being charismatic is making people feel good about themselves.

 So, be supportive,be kind and be positive. People will thank you for it.

Others believe you’re powerful.

This is really the difference between being charming and being charismatic.

Just about anyone can be charming. A petty thief, homeless person, or even a child can be utterly charming. But these people lack the ability to be charismatic, unless they can also make you believe they’re powerful.

Now, most of us aren’t famous, wealthy or influential. But fortunately, it’s possible to make others believe that you are powerful, without being dishonest.  It comes from authentic power.

Pay attention to how you dress. Dress impeccably and with good taste.

It’s rare to see a powerful individual dress in baggy khakis , torn jeans or faded, ill fitting clothes. Make an effort to look the part. Ensure your style is current and you’re not under or over dressed. Wear clothes that fit well!

Work on your nonverbal behavior. If you’ve ever been in a meeting with a high-level executive, it’s easy to pick them out. There’s just a certain something in the way they stand, sit, and move.  They seem to own the room!

Watch movies with powerful characters and observe their non-verbal behaviors.

Be confident. It’s easy to be confident in situations where you know you have the upper hand.
It’s somewhat tougher when you know that you don’t.

But if you can learn to be confident in all social situations, others will assume that you have the upper hand and that you are in full command of the situation.

Drop the ego.
Have you ever met someone who appears to be super confident , yet is humble and does not seem to have an ego? Have you wondered how that is even possible?

When you’re charismatic, others believe you’re important, without it seeming like you’re more important than they are.

After all, isn’t charisma largely about making others believe they’re amazing? Being powerful and confident simply makes your opinion more relevant to them.

Charisma is simply charm coming from a position of power.

And it can be learned! Fortunately, it’s possible to seem powerful, even if you’re not. Increasing your level of charisma is a very worthwhile endeavor. Your social and professional lives will be forever changed.

What do you think are the hallmarks of a charismatic person and what are you doing to intentionally develop it?

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