Self Intelligence Workshop : The Secret to your Success is in YOU !!!

Understanding your Personal Success DNA to achieve any goal effortlessly!


Our greatest success lies in the area of our greatest strengths. When individuals play to their natural and instinctive strengths they form great teams. And teamwork is the heart and soul of  every successful business. When a team works together successfully to achieve their goals and objectives, the company becomes successful in the marketplace which in turn leads to profitable results.

Success byHeart  offers a unique dimension to Team Building workshops and Individual development strategies.  Since no two individuals are alike, it would be futile to offer a one size fits all solution and expect it to work.

We offer  interactive workshops and coaching for managers and their team members specifically aimed at optimizing the team’s ability to meet a specified corporate objective.

We do this by:

  1. Identifying individual team members natural instinctive strengths using exclusive tools
  2. Analyzing the strengths of the team as a whole and identifying the areas that need to be strengthened further to achieve specific goals using exclusive diagnostic tools
  3. Breaking down the objectives of the department or project team into actionable tasks
  4. Mapping the strengths of the individuals and the team to the tasks to achieve them  swiftly
  5. Monitoring and providing coaching to assist in the team’s progress towards their goals
  6. Establishing success factors and demonstrating measurable results at the end of mutually established timelines

We also offer workshops and personalized coaching for individuals to help them to discover their strengths and to align them with their goals to achieve  effortless success.

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