Self Intelligence Workshop : The Secret to your Success is in YOU !!!

Understanding your Personal Success DNA to achieve any goal effortlessly!

Meet the team

joyce1Joyce Dias is the Founder and President of Success byHeart, a Toronto-based Business consulting company providing individuals and organizations with  exclusive tools and tailored solutions to discover their unique driving instincts and to build their success plans based on using these to maximize the impact of their natural potential.

She has over 18 years comprehensive international experience working in several different industries and corporate cultures across three continents. Her strength lies in leading complex Corporate Projects and guiding teams of people with varying skills and expertise to consistently achieve outstanding professional and personal success.

As a seasoned Corporate and Projects Manager and a deeply insightful coach she helps people and teams seeking guidance to achieve professional or corporate objectives and also their most cherished dreams. Joyce strongly encourages people to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and shows them how “to eat the elephant in small bites”, using their innate abilities.

Having learnt from her own experience, Joyce knows firsthand the value in focusing on her strengths and working around her weaknesses. She enjoys a reputation of having won several Leadership awards in her career and personal pursuits and is dedicated to helping individuals and teams discover, nurture and act on their true potential.

Joyce is dedicated to Continuous Learning and has successfully achieved several post graduate certifications in a variety of professional disciplines. She continues to attend seminars and further training in order to build on her strengths and to help others around her to do the same.

What you can expect from her as your Professional Business Consultant:
• To honour and deeply respect each team members unique differences and strengths
• To challenge and lead your team to achieve Corporate or Departmental objectives by a measurable goal setting process leveraging those strengths
• To inspire the team to make smart decisions and to take the right actions that will bring about successful results
• To remain authentic, compassionate and dedicated to the success of the teams she works with

GeraldGerald Lamoureux is the Vice President-Sales and is Head Coach at Success byHeart. He has a degree in Business Administration and several years of management experience leading teams in different industries.

He has considerable proven Leadership experience and a very strong customer focus as demonstrated by numerous awards for Customer Service Excellence.

With over 25 years successful experience as a sports coach and a trainer of other coaches , he was able to make a seamless shift to corporate coaching – the arena is different, but the rules for team success on or off the field remain essentially the same. Gerald has also pursued Coaching certification as a Breakthrough Coach and has helped many individuals  achieve success with their personal objectives.

He is a proponent of Continuing Education and continues to help many aspiring business people set up new businesses with his vast knowledge and experience.

What you can expect from him as your personal coach:
• To listen deeply and guide you to examine your own thoughts and beliefs
• To challenge and lead you to consult your own inner wisdom to seek and find solutions to address your unique goals
• To inspire you  to make smart choices and take  actions that will bring you the results you want
• To be in your corner, cheer you on and to celebrate your successes with you !

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