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Charisma is that sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects. – Marianne Williamson.

All the media hype about the impending royal wedding of Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton, inevitably got me thinking about Princess Diana and her extraordinary Charisma.

She started her royal life as an immature young teenager walking shyly beside her royal husband and grew in stature and influence to capture the attention and hearts of the world that far surpassed anything any of her titled family had ever experienced.

Stripped of her title after the divorce from Prince Charles, she continued to wield her influence to benefit those who did not have a voice. So what is this elusive quality that inspires so many and distinguishes true leaders from the wannabes? Read More→

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It is easy to dodge our responsibilities. But we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities. – Josiah Charles Stamp

Last Saturday I happened to be waiting in line to be served at a store and I could not help but overhear a conversation between two young adults who were sharing miserable experiences at their workplace – both with their colleagues and their supervisors.

 It appeared that one of them had been promoted against his will and felt he had received no preparation for the new role which was received with hostility by his sub-ordinates and by intense, and what seemed to be unfair, criticism from his boss.

It started a train of thought in my mind and I put down some of those here, based on my experience with teams and leadership, in the hope that anyone looking for guidance in this area may find it. Just like those two young lost leaders in the shopping mall. Read More→

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The Myths of Leadership

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 A great leaders courage to fulfil his vision comes from passion, not position.- John Maxwell

Who do we think of when we think of great Leadership ? Is it someone rich and famous? Is it a historical hero or is it a charismatic leader of a religious order or a political heavyweight? Are they successful industrialists and Businessmen who have carved a space for themselves ?

Or is it the the stern yet compassionate teacher from school, the nerdy schoolmate who defends the hapless schoolkids from playground bullies? Is it a family member who silently serves and leads without expectation of reward for their labour? Leaders are everywhere, maybe its even you. Read More→

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Leadership and Management

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Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

At a business meeting I attended last week,  once again, the age old topic was raised. What is the difference between managers and leaders?  I suggest that each has distinct attributes , however everyone can be both to differing degrees and depending on the specific circumstances  one finds oneself in.

Being a leader is quite profoundly distinct from  being a manager. Each has its own place in the grand scheme of things and both are critical for success. We used to think that Leaders were superior and the realm of the exalted few. But one can be a leader, no matter how humble your position in life. And yet, without good management to support it, the fruits of leadership could wither and die on the branch.

The same person can exhibit both traits, indeed needs both in order to thrive in a constantly changing environment. However, if one has a clear understanding of the differences, we can make the right choice as to what type of behaviour is required at a given time. Read More→

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Leadership Lessons from Kindergarten

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From winds and seas, and hills and trees, and little ones – Learn ye the ways of wisdom. – St. Mira

Many years ago, I came across a gem of a little book by Robert Fulghum called : All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten. Mostly his musings were about life in general, but he made some very important points.

 We all know kids – either our own or someone else’s. Even if we don’t, most of us still remember that we were kids at one time and some of us even like to remember our childhood, often crossing the sands of time to re-live a particular moment, a special feeling.

Whatever our circumstances, if we consider it carefully, we realize that we were at our wisest in our extreme youth- pure of mind, full of love and playfulness, living in the moment and untarnished by life’s experiences.

In that state of innocence we were wise beyond measure – in all our thoughts, actions and intentions. And all it takes is a few stretches of the imagination to re-tap into the magic of childhood in order to regain a sense of perspective about the world around us. Read More→

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