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Intelligence – The Vast Unknown

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I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing. -Socrates

Let’s set the record straight. Acquiring Knowledge is not Intelligence. Many people humbly suppose that just because they did not get the same educational opportunities to go to school or University, that they are less Intelligent than those who did.

I have seen many “graduates” behave and conduct themselves  less intelligently than the simple folk who gently apply their own natural intelligence to reap greater success with their efforts.

Also, intelligence is a relative term- we all possess it. But we tend to be judged along one dimension – the academic one. We are led to believe over and over again , each year, during our formative years, that if we do not make good grades that we are not intelligent and will never amount to much in life. Once again, there is more insidious harm done to the human psyche by this continued assault to human intelligence.

There are many different types of Intelligence and we are still learning much about it that is quite unknown. At the time of writing this post there appear to be seven “known” intelligences. Read More→

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Driven: The Instinct to Succeed

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When a man feels throbbing in him the power to do what he undertakes as well as it can possibly be done, this is happiness, this is Success!- Orison Swett Marden

We are all successful people. Just lets admit it and accept that right off the bat!  It is all relative to our definition or other peoples definition of success.

Compared to the countless eggs and sperm competing for a chance at life, we made it!  Hurray!

We survived childhood without too many risks to our lives and grew up to be literate adults. At least those of you reading this, right? We may not be employed to our entire satisfaction, but we do have ways to earn a living, don’t we? Thus in turn ensuring further successful survival. Well, really!

We are driven by the instinct to succeed and life is made up of many successses, small and big – a shopping trip accomplished having bought exactly what you set out to buy,  marriage to a person of our choice (no matter how that turns out!) , food choices from a lavish menu of items, you get to choose life and all its gifts. Some less fortunate ones do not always have that choice! Read More→

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On Being an Original

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 You were born an original. Don’t die a copy! – John Mason

How many times has someone told you to be different in order to be acceptable – by themselves, by the school system or the world at large? For the strangest reason, we are becoming more and more afraid to be ourselves. We run with the crowds trying to be like everyone else simply in order to fit in – and forget who we were meant to be!

Be Yourself. The World worships an original. – Ingrid Bergman

This article is being written to give you the courage to stand up for yourself and to unapologetically “Be an Original” !  If you look closely nobody who ever was a thundering success ever tried to be someone else. They stood up for who they were, warts and all – and the world adored them, for an original is worth more than a copy!

No matter how much our friends and family try to advise us to be more like them, or different than who we naturally are, we have to remember that we may try and modify our actions , our behavior , practice to improve our skills  –  and all of that could serve us very well for a while.

He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away – Raymond Hull

 But if in doing so, we find that we have put ourselves into a straitjacket of our own making, then something has to give somewhere – and the only one responsible is you! You will know it by your own discomfort and unhappiness.
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A Class Apart

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a class apart [320x200]I met Clark Coulson of Just Solutions  on a lovely autumn day in Arizona. And he had an extraordinary story to tell about his experience with a group of students who had been condemned to certain mediocrity by our existing school system.  After all, they had failed to follow the rigid dictates of the educational system and had failed math, not once but three times!

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