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A Dog Day Afternoon!

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Last Thursday was a very special afternoon in our lives. Long have I dreamed of this day !

My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet ! – Edith Wharton

I have not had a dog of my own since I was eight years old. And a Jolly little soul he was ! Growing up in the years where dogs were free to roam the outdoors and come home when they were ready, meant we often encountered adventures of the most unusual kind. He was prone to chasing the neighbours chickens and often left a flurry of feathers and a bunch of irate neighbours in his wake- just for the fun of it.

Going to school without him was an impossible task as he somehow almost always managed to escape and follow me to school and excitedly chase the hysterical girls in the schoolyard .  I remember many schoolday afternoons spent listening to lessons taught by exasperated schoolteachers , from outside the classroom door with my dog. The one exception was my Science teacher who, incredibly, thought he was very well behaved (which he was most definitely not) but he lived up to her expectations by being as good as gold in her class and was allowed to sit or lie down in the aisle next to me, his tail thumping contentedly whenever she  addressed him.
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A Journey to Remember

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Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey – Alex Noble

On 13th December, 2009 a legend completed its final overnight journey from Strasbourg in France to Vienna in Austria and disappeared from all official Railway timetables after 126 years of operation.  Reigning supreme among classic luxury train odysseys, the legendary Orient Express took its first trip in October 1883 and inspired  many and created indelible memories for many more over the years.

At the time, it was the first of many famous modes of transport that gave passengers their first experience of enjoying the journey in style and the journey itself was anticipated with bated breath and with more pleasure than the various enchanting destinations they could discover and enjoy on its route.

A more modern, upgraded version  with restored blue and gold vintage sleeping and dining cars called the Venice Simplon Orient Express continues to ply on the famous route, but to many brought up on the stories and romance of the original, it is simply not the same experience.

People travelled in style and brought with them genuine leather cases packed with their priceless jewels and exquisite clothes.After all,  the journey itself was the exclusive event and who could tell what wonders awaited them in the fellow passengers and the stories they had to tell and the places they would visit.
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