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Sunny Side Goes Up!

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Attitudes are a secret Power working 24 hours a day, for good or bad . And it happens by choice, not chance. Why not choose a  Sunny one? It always takes you higher!

Sunny Side Goes up black with host

In this day of personal makeovers, we’ve seen people lose weight, get a nose job, and switch careers. But none of those brings  a happier relationship, a more successful career or business or a happier life.

We have no control over what happens to us, losing a job, a relationship or health, or money. The only thing we have control over is how we choose to respond to it.

And for many, an alteration of attitudes alone can bring transformative life experiences. Here are some tips.  Read More→

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From Charm To Charisma

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Charisma is not just saying Hello. It’s dropping what you are doing to say hello. – Robert Brault

I often wondered what was that certain something people had that made them charismatic, magnetic and unforgettable.

Hot Stuff CharismaEveryone knows charisma when they see it, yet it’s really hard to define. Some might say, being charismatic is similar to being charming, but they’re not quite the same thing, are they?

Regardless, most people would agree that being charismatic is a good thing.

Charismatic people are wonderful to be around and tend to lead successful lives. Who wouldn’t want to be more charismatic?

I reflected on some of the people I know who exude that indefinable something and wrote down some of the things I observed about them that they seemed to have in common.

Here are some of the very emulatable characteristics that can move us from Charm to Charisma in one smooth, but consistent way. Read More→

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Tomorrow Is Another Day

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Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering, ” I will try again tomorrow” –  Mary Anne Radmacher

I first read the book, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, when I was in my teens. But it was when I saw the film in all its splendour and drama and remarkable performances that the characters came alive for me, which is highly unusual for me as I tend to prefer my own imagination to movies.

 "Gone with the wind"
And what struck me the most was the feisty spirit of Scarlett O’Hara, a  southern belle, who refused to give up on her infatuation for Ashley despite his marriage to Melanie. Misguided though she was, and although she resisted failure with all her might, her determination to never say die and to battle on with every scheme under the sun to pursue him, almost costing her marriage to Rhett Butler, impressed me with her passion and tenacity. Read More→

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Think and Grow SMART!

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We cannot solve our Problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

Thinking for a Change.pptxI once read a book by Brian Klemmer called “If How to-s were enough, we’d all be skinny rich and happy! Obviously its not the knowing “how” we all know that, but the Thinking we do that leads us to believing we are capable of achieving that together with action and persistence in the face of all odds that brings about change.Let’s face it! We live in a  world of people who watch each other and try and emulate the people who we think are successful, by attempting to do what they do. With that, it is possible to get some results, no doubt. Because Taking Action is Key to our Success.
However the quality of the actions we take will always be constrained by the quality of our Thinking. Just like a luxury car built for speed, charged with inferior fuel will not go far! It will move (action) but it will not perform as designed! And we will blame the maker of the car, and not ourselves.It is really time, High time, to upgrade our thinking! Read More→
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The Fine Art of Showing up!

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Eighty percent of Success is showing up.  – Woody Allen

Some think that Showing up is showing off. It is NOT. There is a BIG difference. I am giving you fair warning. This might be a slightly deeper topic than you may expect to read. I have been giving it a lot of thought and reflection.

A friend of mine, (let’s call her Moira) who is brilliant at what she does and could inspire many just by her example, hesitates to do so. She says she is afraid of sharing her success with others for fear that she may be viewed as a Show off.  Some people may very well come to that conclusion but that might be because of a lack of discernment.

There is however a big difference between showing off and Showing up.

On the one hand lets consider the Show Off. He never engages the community at large in a  helpful way and only shows up to show off.

Read More→

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