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The Right To Remain Silent

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I have often regretted my speech; Never my Silence! – Xenocrates


speechIn a noisy world of other people’s opinions, subliminal marketing messages to buy things we do not need and our own busy minds, we forget that Silence is sometimes a luxury we have the right to give ourselves!

Now I am not referring to the Miranda Warning with which we have all become familiar despite not having led a life of undiscovered crime, thanks to all the detective shows on television!

It requires an officer of the law to inform an arrested person of interest they are taking into custody for interrogation that they do not have to answer any questions but that whatever they do say (or do) can be used in court as evidence against them.

The Miranda Warning goes like this: Read More→

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Burn After Reading!

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Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to Genius – Fulton J. Sheen

Achieve any small measure of success and Jealousy or Envy will rear it’s ugly head around you! This is certain. It is an undeniable marker and milestone of Success!

Nisha (not her actual name to protect her identity)  is a client of mine who has achieved phenomenal heights of success once she started getting her head down and going for her dream with every thing she had! This has taken her two years of concerted effort, determination and sheer grit.  For someone who had sold out on her dreams because the world had told her she did not deserve it, it was not worth pursuing and that she was not good enough to compete with other big names out there, she has earned her new found success.

However, she stopped right in her tracks when she began to  face the fire of jealousy and envy that was being hurled at her. She got flak even from her own family members and her children turned on her accusing her of self centred motivation and neglect. Her mother and sister accused her of being too big for her boots and she started crumbling. She came to me in tears for her coaching and mastermind session and it was all we could do to keep her fixed on the goal of her Dream. Read More→

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The Fine Art of Showing up!

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Eighty percent of Success is showing up.  – Woody Allen

Some think that Showing up is showing off. It is NOT. There is a BIG difference. I am giving you fair warning. This might be a slightly deeper topic than you may expect to read. I have been giving it a lot of thought and reflection.

A friend of mine, (let’s call her Moira) who is brilliant at what she does and could inspire many just by her example, hesitates to do so. She says she is afraid of sharing her success with others for fear that she may be viewed as a Show off.  Some people may very well come to that conclusion but that might be because of a lack of discernment.

There is however a big difference between showing off and Showing up.

On the one hand lets consider the Show Off. He never engages the community at large in a  helpful way and only shows up to show off.

Read More→

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Boss or Leader?

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Leadership is Service, Not Position – Tim Fargo

William had been newly appointed to the position of leading a team, of which he had previously been a part. As a technical expert, people often looked up to him for support and to help find solutions to problems. A gentle, intelligent person, William doubted his ability to lead and was very nervous about how he might be perceived by his peers. Unfortunately he was being mentored by his Boss who had no idea how a true leader leads his people.

He was told to distance himself from the team he led, so people would respect his new “position” and he was told to be ruthless in his stance of demanding excellence regardless of what excuses were presented. Much though it went against the grain, William took this advice and gradually started to change from a  helpful much loved person to someone to be feared.

With time, however, as he began to  see every relationship he had built break down and people begin to resist and avoid his new found “Leadership” style, he began to reflect on what really worked for him that was consistent with his original gentle approach and discovered he was able to not only get better results from his team, but that he was also beginning to grow and feel happier. His Boss of course was not happy with him, despite the improved team results and eventually William left the company for fresh professional pastures.

How often do our careers get interrupted by the wrong examples and advice? Here are a few tips to recognize the difference between a being a Boss and being a Leader! Read More→

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Thinking Beyond the Box

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A box without hinges, key, or lid
Yet Golden Treasure inside is hid
— J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien really had something when he said that! All my life I have been hearing this phrase : “Start Thinking outside the box”.

Admittedly it had me puzzled. what box are they all speaking about? Is it that all of us are living in a narrow rut, like Pavlovian rats racing along a pre-determined track?

Be born, get an education, do homework, toe the line, find a job, please the bosses, do as you are told, get married, have kids, provide for them, put up with a boring job and irritating colleagues in order to earn a living so that we can provide for our families?

Buy a home in a nice subabrban neighbourhood because everyone else is doing it?  Get a mortgage, pay it off, downsize to a smaller home as we get older, get away to a warmer climate during the winter and then finally, catch up with our well deserved  final rest. In a  box?

It just did not make any sense to me! Read More→

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