Self Intelligence Workshop : The Secret to your Success is in YOU !!!

Understanding your Personal Success DNA to achieve any goal effortlessly!


Have you ever wondered what your life could look like if  you were doing the things you most enjoyed ? Most of us  are so focused on becoming successful by other peoples definition of success, that we end up leading replica lives that do not match our own dreams and goals but generally striving to constantly meet the expectations of others.

As most of us have discovered, we cannot do this successfully all of the time. And even if we do succeed in some small measure, we feel as though we have given up a big part of what we were born to do , in order to meet external demands. And life moves inexorably on, and before we know it, it seems too late to start over and we feel trapped by our circumstances and what life has handed us.

Well, you can turn it around right now and to your advantage – without losing any of the sense of responsibility that keeps us  rooted in our Groundhog day reality with our nose fixed firmly to the grindstone. 

The secret lies in knowing yourself- discovering your intrinsic strengths and then using those to take the actions that are right for you to achieve your own unique goals and dreams.

If you are  looking for a  helping hand to show you how, we have a workshop to do just that.


The Foundation Workshop is a half day event for busy people and individual professionals , to help you understand your strengths,  which are discovered through an assessment process which takes place before the workshop.

There is Great Power in understanding what you are great at and using this knowledge to enhance your success with any objective you set yourself. Building a strong Foundation at the Individual level is key to your success within relationships, teams- Corporate and Family, and within the community at large.


The Workshop can be followed up with private coaching sessions to help guide you to achieving success in any area of your life .

Coaching sessions are for you if  you are:

  • Wanting to change something in your life that you are not happy about – you can start right now!
  • Wanting more of something or looking to meet bigger goals – no dream is impossible!
  • Tolerating too much  –  listen to it – it is a great teacher!
  • Wanting to improve or switch careers – it is never too late to go for what you want!
  • Desire to achieve something faster – what is stopping you?
  • Bored or feel something is missing from your life – get the help you need to figure it out now!
  • Recognize that you can be more successful with an outside opinion – it is your inner thinking that has got you the results you now have- all successful people have a coach or mentor who can give you an unbiased viewpoint to gently guide you in the direction of your success.


We help you and your children discover and understand how to use their in-born gifts for their academic and social success as you gently guide them to becoming happy, productive and successful citizens of the world.

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