Self Intelligence Workshop : The Secret to your Success is in YOU !!!

Understanding your Personal Success DNA to achieve any goal effortlessly!


In the Corporate world , as in all aspects of society including the home,  teamwork is at the heart and soul of effective successful organizations . For when a team works cohesively in the workplace, the company becomes successful in the marketplace. This in turn has a positive impact on the bottomline success of the Organization.

However, the drive to succeed in the marketplace, and sometimes even just to survive, causes many organizations to overlook the intrinsic value of the individuals who have entrusted their livelihood to the corporate machinery.

When an individuals worth is not measured by dollars and cents, but rather by their unique contributions based on their natural strengths –  a new Corporate world is created – one that connects the heartline to the bottomline.  The pulse starts beating again, leading to successful organizations with happy contributors and phenomenal results!

The results are dramatic and  measurable showing immediate and progressive achievement of goals and objectives.


We honour every individual on the team regardless of the role they occupy and help them to not only identify and leverage their unique strengths to contribute to the successful achievement of corporate objectives, but to also evaluate the teams strengths as a whole and to identify the areas that need to be strengthened within the existing team or to be re-inforced with additional strengths that will influence and ensure  a favourable outcome for the company.

We do this by the use of exclusive Assessment tools and  interactive group processes that will educate, inform and create new habits of success for the individuals and the team.


TEAM OPTIMIZATION WORKSHOP :  Harnessing the Power of a Team

We offer two levels of Workshops for Companies and any organization with teams:

1. One day workshop  – for small teams with a minimum of 5- maximum of 10 participants

2. Two day workshops – for larger teams of 15 upto 25 participants

The entire experience can be further customized according to the requirements of the company to include personalized coaching for the individuals on the team, consulting sessions with the team manager and detailed reports for the Executive committee .


For Team members, you will :

  • Work on teams where your individuality is respected and where your best efforts using your natural strengths are recognized and rewarded
  • Participate in training and coaching that builds your confidence, capability and opportunities to learn and grow
  • Enjoy coming to work everyday because of the supportive and fun atmosphere by an injection of energy and humour into the workplace culture thereby improving overall morale
  • Build trust and promote more open communication
  • Facilitate openness to new ideas and adapt well to change
  • Enhance stress free performance  which will make you feel better
  • Work on a team where everyone pulls their weight and enjoys their jobs

For Team Managers, you will:

  • Clarify action oriented goals and tasks to ensure comprehension and drive performance
  • Identify gaps between current reality and objectives to be met
  • Create an action plan to move forward and focus performance on critical objectives and business results
  • Consistently have team members that perform above and beyond expectations by maximizing strengths and managing around weaknesses
  • Reduce waste of resources and time by encouraging higher productivity in the workplace
  • Efficient time management to help get things done faster, resulting in cost savings and improvement in efficiency
  • Meet department objectives effortlessly using the strengths of a happy team

For the Company and Executive Comittee, you will:

  • Bring out the best talents of your diverse workforce, align values and strengths to inspire new levels of success
  • Create environments where team members are free to express opinions, share ideas and provide feedback to each other and to leaders for mutual progress
  • Increase the effectiveness of teamleaders and team members. Team climate surveys consistently provide positive feedback on both leadership and team experiences
  • Get outstanding return on your training budget due to the new concepts and skills successfully being demonstrated in the workplace
  • Successful attainment of Corporate or Project or Department Objectives will make the  management team look good and will directly impact the bottom line positively
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