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Team Optimization


Team Optimization Workshop

 Are you leading  listless teams with plummeting morale and mediocre results?

What do Smart Managers do to get outstanding performance from their highly skilled teams within a few short weeks?

Are you ready to Explode your Team performance ? 

With this 2 day Team Optimization course  and Team Coaching, you and your team will:

  •  Create  a positive work environment
  • Boost Team morale
  • Learn Team Optimization techniques for teams affected by downsizing
  • Unleash new horizons for Productivity
  • Explode Profitability with a powerful impact on ROI

Did you know that over 75% of employees surveyed worldwide admit that they do not get the opportunity to play to their intrinsic strengths? Only about 20% of employees surveyed agreed that their strengths are in play every day.

Most organizations are operating at 20% capacity which represents a tremendous opportunity for focusing on your team’s unrealized capacity.

Just imagine the increase in productivity and profitability if you are able to even just double the number to get 40% of your team members playing to their strengths everyday.

As a Project Team Manager with some outrageous project goals, I worked with large teams of individuals around the world. When I went about leading the teams the usual conservative way, we plodded along with a few exceptional achievers but overall mediocre, “just meets requirements” performance.

I  discovered  that when I focused on Team optimization techniques to match  their strengths and what they really loved to do with the tasks that needed to be done, Team performance simply exploded! 

In one case we achieved some pretty impossible 5 year objectives in under 2 years, and the overall Team morale remained incredibly high!

Your team will learn how to:

  • Identify their own natural strengths
  • Learn about the individual strengths of other team members
  • Understand how to use their strengths for maximum productivity
  • Maximize their unique skills, experience and education by leveraging their strengths
  • Determine the current profile of strengths of the team as a whole
  • Create a Team Progress Action Plan based on the objectives that need to be accomplished
  • Break down the objectives into Tasks and subtasks for seamless implementation
  • Create mutual accountability
  • Create and maintain a high positivity culture
  • Learn how to coach each other to success
  • Improve productivity with measurable results

For more information on how we can help YOU achieve  phenomenal results with the strengths of your team, Contact us now  at 1-800-214-0777 or at

For a limited time only we will offer a 3o minute FREE session to coach individual members of your team to address their  unique situations.

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